About your Integrative Health Coach, Cynthia Thurman

Cynthia Thurman PictureMy professional career has been devoted to behavioral change: whether through my experience as a Social Worker, helping to improve lives and society as a whole; or as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified HypnoCoach®, helping people transform their lives through the power of hypnosis. Also practicing Complementary Medical Hypnosis, I often receive referrals from health care providers.  I experience my greatest feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction when I see my clients making positive changes in their lives as a result of the work that I do.   

As a Duke Integrative Medicine trained Integrative Health Coach, I specialize in working with professional women who feel stressed and out of balance, helping them to gain clarity and control over their health and their lives.

Duke Integrative Medicine’s model of Health Coaching and the Wheel of Health, provide a holistic, whole person approach, which looks at all aspects of a person’s health—including movement, exercise, rest, nutrition, physical environment, spirituality, mindfulness, relationships and communication, personal and professional development, and the mind-body connection.  This model allows not only for prevention and intervention, but also for the merging of conventional and complementary approaches to better serve the individual as a whole.
As your Integrative Health Coach, I can help you find those missing pieces that have kept you locked into unhealthy habits, which, once addressed, can help you make sustainable changes in your health behaviors.
We are in an exciting time in our healthcare system, because we are beginning to move from a physician-centered model to a model of autonomy of the patient, where the patient is the source of control and the patient’s healing is customized according to the patient’s own unique needs and values.  I look at Integrative Health Coaching as a way of guiding my clients to draw upon their own abilities to be proactive in making lasting changes in their own health and wellbeing.
As your Integrative Health Coach, it would be my honor to partner with you to enhance wellness is all areas of your life.

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