What is Integrative Health Coaching, and how can it help you achieve optimum health?

The healthcare system cannot continue in the state that it is in.  Ninety-five cents of every dollar is spent after disease has occurred, as opposed to prevention.  With the healthcare system shifting towards preventative care, Duke Integrative Medicine has pioneered the educational program for Integrative Health Coaches to meet the health challenges of today and in the future.
Integrative Health Coaching is often considered the missing link in health care.  Research shows that 50% of illnesses are related to health behaviors, and 40% of premature deaths in the United States are caused by lifestyle choices.  A Lancet study in 2004 concluded that changing lifestyle could prevent at least 90% of all heart disease.
The United States far exceeds every other country in the world in expenditures for health care. However, it is statistically among the lowest, next to Cuba, in life expectancy.
Many people are aware of what they need to do to be healthy, they may have been given instructions by their physician to exercise more and lose weight, but knowledge alone is not enough. An Integrative Health Coach can take the extra time that a physician is unable to give, providing a complement to the recommendations of their physician. Through encouragement and support, they can help you to be successful in achieving lasting behavior and lifestyle changes.
The model of healthcare is transforming from a disease focused, reactive, and physician directed approach to a health oriented, partnership based, whole person approach.  An integrative health coach works in partnership with you to provide structure and support to help you reach your optimum health.  They help you to identify and prepare to change your health behaviors so you can obtain sustainable, life-long, personal wellbeing.
Your health coach works with your own ability to make change by helping you to see a clear vision of what optimal health means to you.  This is done by looking at your desired state, taking into account your values and goals, helping you identify any obstacles to success, and helping you create strategies to push past barriers so that you can achieve your desired outcome.  In addition, your coach can provide additional support and encouragement by holding you accountable for your commitments, and providing information about resources, if requested, to support these goals.  By working with you in a self-discovery process, you are able to discover what you really want your health to look like.  Once you have this clear vision, along with the support of your coach, you are much more likely to be able to sustain these changes over time.

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